Shogun 2 Can`t Get Trade Agreement

So I`m about 40 rounds with my chosokabe game, and I`m struggling to find business partners, which puzzles me. In my last match as a date, I had no problem finding business partners, even if the AI hated me, they would still act. But in my new game, my allies don`t want to act either. The only trading partner I could get needed an extra 3000 gold from me (I didn`t mind considering that I eventually fired 1700 gold per spin) Chosobake usually has the first access to most of the trading ports next to the Shimaru. If you have several foreign trade ports that you should be crazy about, if you know what you are doing, you will become the main exporter of extremely necessary things like Korean cotton, Chinese silk or incense. It`s like shopping at Wal-Mart for trade routes at this point. Is it good for you to shop at Wal-Mart? Yes, in the short term, but in fact, you`re just lining Wal-Mart`s pockets, and in that case, Wal-Mart could kill you one day. I fought a clan for 10 rounds, until he cried uncle and wanted a peace treaty. So I gave it to him, unconditionally. He came back 2 rounds later and asked her for a trade deal which he reluctantly accepted.

For my part, two long-standing trading partners have denounced our pacts for no reason. This game can drive you crazy after a while. Some groups really like me and a trade route is possible, but they refuse again and again to act with me – and other political groups are neutral towards me, but are happy to have reached a trade agreement. However, the last trade deal was broken with the Chosokabe while I play like a date. So we were nowhere near each other. I think I know why this happens. Other clans resilient contracts with you (including trade agreements) if your diplomatic reputation with them falls below a certain threshold (which you don`t see). This would explain why they now want a payment to restore trade with you. As others have said, it can also be a precursor to a declaration of war against you. The AI of Shogun 2 is very expansionist and will declare war on friendly clans to conquer the territory.

That`s one of the reasons I love Shogun 2, the AI is programmed (in a way) to do what a human player would do, which is declare war on a clan of friends if they don`t have other means of expansion. Your neighbors? Plan to attack yourself and not have diplomatic trouble with everyone else for betraying contracts. Agree to collect deals for a prize and start their plans in the next round. Already five of my trade agreements (each time with different clans) have been abandoned for no apparent reason. The other clan was not destroyed and I could make a new business deal with them (if I paid too). I also have a diplomatic pain every time it happens. I can`t figure out why. Perhaps the most important factor used by AI is an unfortunate factor: the difficulty level of the game.. . .

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