Software Assurance License Agreement

5. access to this software under access licenses for which it has SA coverage and its users` and devices for accessing products; Finalized delivery items sent to Microsoft by the qualified vendor at the end of the commitment can be used by Microsoft for quality assurance purposes and, to that end, shared with the customer`s Microsoft account team. 1. The services provided under coupons are provided as part of an agreement between the customer and the qualified Microsoft Learning partner. We are adapting the eligibility criteria and modifying support allocations from February 2022 to replace incident-based support with the necessary support and approval of Unified Support. Software Assurance customers no longer receive a limited number of assistance incidents based on expenses, type of contract and products, but instead receive the required support with insurance software of $250,000 or more per year. The Insurance-Support software offers a service for opening hours with a 24-hour response target. Manage SA coverage for all CALs, external connector and server management licenses under which it accesses the backup instance and manages the OSEs in which this software is run. Customers (except Academic Select License, Select Plus for Academic, Academic Open License, Campus and School Agreement, Open Value Subscription – Education Solutions and Open License) with standard, enterprise and server software data center editions covered by SA, have, as needed, access to an electronic solution solution solutions support services. Access to e-help sites is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, although responses occur during business hours.

Incidents that are initiated on the web and then converted by the customer to the phone resolution, are taken into account when resolving the available telephone incident report. Incidents initiated by the Web and then tracked by Microsoft by telephone are not taken into account in the balance of available telephone incidents if the resolution continues on the web, via email and other electronic means. Discover the benefits of your organization through your volume licensing agreement and develop an action plan for their activation and use. Here are some basic guidelines to make it easier for you to enter. The customer`s prices are based on the agreement between the customer and the customer`s dealer. However, Microsoft provides the reseller with the following price and points criteria, which help the retailer organize end-customer prices: advanced hotfix support is an advantage for older versions of the software, which have gone from the mainstream to extended support. For customers who have signed a first or essential support contract, the annual cost of an extended support contract is waived. Customers are always responsible for individual fixing fees. Run the software under license and manage your OSEs on third-party servers shared only for their use and usefulness; In order to use the software using disaster recovery privileges, the customer must comply with the following conditions: Customers with 10,000 or more licensed desktop computers with SA coverage in the system pool may have access to the Microsoft Windows source code for internal development and support. Academic programs are eligible for Microsoft`s research license program. Customers who spend less than $250,000 per year on Software Assurance without a Business Assistance Agreement (Premier/Unified) will be passed on to a partner for support, or they will be able to purchase professional assistance incidents at

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