Sow Agreement Meaning

It includes the working agreement between two parties: the client, the buyer or government agency and the agency, seller or contractor. A SOW usually includes: clearly state all terms and conditions, such as IP rights, protected information, confidentiality and confidentiality agreements. Please do it. It will save you a world of pain later. Ultimately, a specification is about managing and documenting expectations. And as with any agreement, it is always better that those who conclude the agreement know exactly what they are agreeing on. Thus, the terms SoW, specifications and workload can be used interchangeably; they all describe the concordance of the work to be done. For simplicity, we will use below the concept of specifications. Typically, this type of SOW is legally binding, as it is supported by another, more comprehensive contractual document, such as an author agreement, consulting contract, or design services contract. The answer will depend on the previous contractual agreements you have concluded with the customer. It`s worth remembering that if this is the first project with a client, it`s likely that there needs to be an MSA (Master Services Agreement) that needs to be set up in your project description. A SOW covers the work requirements for a particular project, while addressing performance and design requirements.

If the requirements are detailed or contained in an additional document, SOW refers to the specific document. .

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