Trade Agreement Between China And Canada

While the North American Free Trade Agreement and its labour agreement have failed to address or resolve all of Mexico`s labour problems, the agreement has set important precedents that Canada has followed with its other trade agreements and ensures that they meet the social needs of workers affected by trade ties. Canada currently has 11 outstanding trade negotiations, including one with India – another regime that is hardly sensitive to the issue of workers` rights. Again, Ottawa`s apparent desire to delay a trade and/or investment pact with China remains somewhat strange, inconsistent and unproductive. Last November, Australia concluded its free trade negotiations with China, leading Canadian business groups to call on the federal government to do the same and expand its existing trade negotiations. In June, China and South Korea signed a free trade agreement, China`s largest bilateral trade agreement. The Chinese experience of recent free trade agreements (New Zealand, Australia and Chile) indicates that they may be prepared to address tariffs and other trade barriers in certain sectors (malt, barley, pulses, beef and pork). If there was a consensus on the feasibility of a free trade agreement with China, it would require a large number of important and highly sensitive issues. Many of Canada`s food and agri-food export interests are China`s most sensitive and are important limits to trade expansion. But he said there was little chance of returning in the near future to the friendly atmosphere that has spawned a commitment to free trade. Last August, Canadian Foreign Minister François-Philippe Champagne met with his Chinese counterpart, Wang Yi, in Rome.

Champagne says he does not think the conditions are now appropriate to pursue a trade agreement between the two countries. Negotiations continued, although Canada-China relations were somewhat strained due to concerns about their human rights record and various trade issues. [117] This situation was aggravated in December 2018 by the arrest of Huawei Technologies CFO Meng Wanzhou by the arrest of Canada on the basis of an arrest warrant from a New York State court and the subsequent detention of two Canadians living in China. The impact on trade between China and Canada was not yet noticeable by mid-December, but some effects were likely, based on China`s warning of “serious consequences” if Meng were not released. [66] However, until 18 December, free trade negotiations between the countries had been suspended. [118] In September 2016, Mr. Trudeau visited China. A few weeks later, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang visited Canada.

They agreed to “turn the page on the strategic partnership between Canada and China,” including “strong measures to develop trade” and a series of plans to bring the two countries together in the areas of agriculture, energy, infrastructure, counter-terrorism and military exercises. The list of agreements includes 29, including a commitment to start discussions on a free trade agreement. Canada`s business community predicted at the time that such an agreement would boost Canadian export growth of $7.7 billion by 2030 and help create 25,000 new jobs in Canada. While China`s growing demand for agriculture and food has benefited Canada`s agricultural sectors, Canadian exporters continue to face a number of significant barriers to trade growth.

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