Training Agreement Sec

Differences in the investigation, conclusion and recording of accidents in production, non-recognition of an accident by the employer or its agent, refusal to investigate an accident and the corresponding statement, the disagreement of the victim or his substitute with the content of that statement is examined by the national authorities responsible for occupational safety or by the court. In these cases, the filing of a complaint is not grounds for non-compliance with the decisions of the occupational health and safety inspector by the employer or its authorized representative. The employer informs in writing a person who has been refused the grounds for refusal at the conclusion of an employment contract. Other forms of good stimulation of workers` work are defined in the collective agreement or in the rules of internal labour regulations, as well as in the statutes and disciplinary regulations. Public rewards may be offered for special benefits for society and public servants. An employment contract must be terminated due to a violation of the mandatory provisions of this Code (paragraph 11, section 77) or other federal statutes if a violation of these rules excludes the possibility of continuing the work in the following cases: during the duration of the training contract, employees may not be required to work overtime or business trips that are not related to their training. If the worker moves to a new job to work on the agreement with the employer, the employer is obliged to compensate the worker: the damage may be recovered in kind on the consent of the employee. If a trial period is completed and an employee continues to operate, the results of a trial period are considered positive and termination of an employment contract is only possible for general reasons. Equipped with written declarations from employees and members of a trade union, an employer makes a free monthly transfer of union rights deducted from employees` salaries on the account of a trade union organisation.

The royalty transfer procedure is defined by the provisions of a collective agreement. An employer does not have the right to delay the transfer of these fees. A training contract is concluded for the duration necessary to acquire the profession, membership and qualification. The employer must inform the worker of the internal work rules of a labour organization, other local legislation relevant to the worker`s professional activity and the terms of a collective agreement. Members of trade union bodies who work full-time in a given organisation are temporarily relieved of the fulfilment of their duties of direct work as delegates of congresses and conferences organized by trade unions, as well as to participate in the work of trade union organizations.

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