Toyota Finance Agreement Terms And Conditions

If you decide to leave one of the websites and access third-party websites or use or install third-party applications, software or content, you do so at your own risk, and you should be aware that these and other Toyota conditions and policies no longer apply, unless otherwise stated. You should check applicable conditions and policies, including privacy and data collection practices, third-party applications, and third-party applications, software or content that you browse from one of the websites or refer to apps you use or install from one of the websites. By accessing, browsing or using this site, you accept these legal conditions. This is a legally binding agreement between you and Toyota, TFS, TMMC, CAPTIN or a related company. As a result, Toyota, TFS, TMMC, CAPTIN and associated companies encourage you to read legal terms and conditions, including privacy policy. If you don`t agree with the legal conditions, don`t use this site. If you do not agree with the legal conditions when using this website at any time, please terminate the use of this website. Toyota, TFS, TMMC, CAPTIN and associated companies suggest that you save or print a copy of these legal terms and conditions for your registrations before using this site. With My Finance, you can view your financial agreement, make payments, receive a billing offer, update your personal data and more when you need it. There is a selection of short videos on My Finance.

You should check our privacy policy in for reporting our collection and use of personal data and tracking and/or directing your actions on and/or via websites before continuing to use the websites, as you are bound by the terms of this Privacy Policy, which is included in this privacy policy. The arbitration procedure under this agreement is being implemented by the American Arbitration Association (AAA). The arbitration procedure is managed by the AAA in accordance with consumer arbitration rules. If the arbitration results in an arbitral award, the judgment of the award can be registered with any competent court. This clause does not prevent the parties from seeking interim appeals in favour of arbitration proceedings to a competent court. You and we are committed to paying our own expenses, expenses and expenses, including the fees of lawyers, experts and witnesses. You agree to waive any claim or award of legal fees, including claims or mark-ups under Chapter 38 of the Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code. An arbitrator may grant any discharge on an individual basis. As a limited exception to the mediation of the agreement, she and we agree that you can make claims on small court claims if your rights are eligible to be heard by such a court. 8. You can request a copy of our customer data protection policy.

We continue to strive to comply with all existing federal and regional data protection laws. Our customer privacy policy varies according to the Land or another applicable territorial scheme. If you are our financial or leasing customer, you can request a copy of the customer data privacy policy applicable to you by calling us at 1-888-717-9248.

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